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Share the family DNA

A unique memory

Each of us have written in our DNA a different genetic and epigenetic code. It is our personal instruction book.

Preserving the DNA of a loved one is keeping a unique memory, forever.

A medical benefit

The DNA of each person determines to a great extent his/her health. Since much of DNA is shared among family members, the fact of keeping our family both DNA and medical history can help us and our descendants, to fight the risk of developing a disease.

According to Spanish population studies, 56% of the population carries a genetic mutation related to hereditary diseases (see News). In fact, by performing the genetic analysis currently available, up to 30% of genetic diseases could be avoided. For this, it would be optimal to have the DNA of all family members.


Preserve your DNA

Unique memories

Medical benefits

The DNA areas to be studied are now already well identified for some diseases. Not the case in other diseases, which are being intensively investigated and probably scientific advances will permit to identify them in the coming years.

When that time comes, for many families to know the DNA information of the maximum number of its members can be decisive for their health.

As our motto says, DNA is vital for the well-being of your family. Keep it today.

Although the DNA conservation offered by the service DNA FAMILY BOOK does not mean by its own determining the degree of the risk for a particular disease, it does allow, however, that the family has that DNA available when it may need it. For example if you and your family meet with a genetic counselor, the professional may possibly recommend to analyze the preserved DNA.

This risk assessment analysis will reassure family members with low risk, and instead, relatives with moderate or high risk will receive in time personalized proposals for preventive actions.

Hereditary cancer

According to studies, between 10% and 20% of cancer patients suffer from hereditary or familial cancer. The current genetic tests are able to find the causative mutations in only 25% of inherited cases of breast cancer. Consequently, a large majority of these patients who do not know the cause of their pathology (75%) and their relatives could benefit from the preservation of their DNA for more complete future analyzes.

Testimony of Laura: Laura (fictitious name of a real case) is a close person who suffered the loss of her mother, her maternal grandmother and probably her maternal great-grandmother, all due to breast cancer by age 40.

Laura is now an age similar to that. She has two daughters and feels logically distressed by the uncertainty of whether she can be a carrier in her DNA of the mutation that caused the disease to her relatives.

She decides to face the situation and goes to the Hereditary Cancer Service of a large hospital. There, the usual procedure is to analyze the DNA of the affected people (in the case of this family, it would correspond to Laura’s mother and grandmother), to find the causative mutations (and other genetic alterations).If these mutations are found, they are also looked for in the DNA of the rest of the relatives who request it (like Laura) with much more directed and economic tests.Thus, the relatives carrying such mutations can be identified.These relatives would have a high risk of suffering from the disease and they could be applied from that moment personalized preventive protocols.

Searching for the causative mutation of a disease is attempted in the DNA of the affected person (Laura’s mother or grandmother). As in many other cases, the genetic material (DNA) of them is no longer available.

Performing these tests so complete in asymptomatic relatives (like Laura) and who may not be carriers of the causative mutation, is something that public health or family economics cannot easily assume.

DNA FAMILY BOOK aims to help in this aspect, while keeping the DNA of the people affected in time, to improve the health of their people.

Severe diseases with genetic nature

DNA FAMILY BOOK helps everyone, but especially helps members of families with severe diseases of possible genetic nature, such as cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, stroke, etc.), neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer ‘s, Parkinson ‘s , etc.), oncology (breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, etc.) or rare diseases. They are very frequent in our society and the likelihood
that a member of our family may suffer from one of them is not a priori despicable.

In addition, if there are several family members who suffer or have suffered the same pathology, the suspicion that a hereditary factor is involved is immediate and the family can live a situation of intense anxiety (see Laura’s testimony ).

Nowadays, the genetic tests of some of these diseases are not still sufficiently complete. Due to the rise of biomedical research within a few years they will very likely be. At that time, many of these families will benefit from having preserved the DNA of their affected relatives, some already deceased. DNA FAMILY BOOK wants to solve this setback.

The following pathologies (classified by medical specialty 1 ) are often hereditary and can occur in several members of the same family. If you are in this situation, ask your doctor how your family can benefit from DNA preservation.

Angiology and vascular surgery
Digestive system
Gynecology and obstetrics
Internal medicine

NOTE: The list of pathologies described may not be exhaustive.

Sudden death

Mutations in DNA cause up to 30% of sudden deaths that occur in an age younger than 50 years and with no known cause according to the autopsy.

It is therefore easy for one of the relatives to carry the same mutation and therefore to present a high risk of suffering also the disease. What is relevant here is that genetic analyzes to study sudden death are now available.

Consequently, if the DNA of the deceased is preserved as proposed by DNA FAMILY BOOK, the study of the death-causing mutation in that DNA may be immediately requested, with the help of a genetic counselor, and then look whether a family member (who has authorized to be studied) also carries the same mutation. In this case, the person initiates preventive treatment sooner, in the case of sudden death may be paramount, since in many cases the first symptom is death, without previous known episodes of arrhythmias.


More than 100 stomatological-odontological diseases are hereditary: Periodontitis (or pyorrhea), recurrent oral ulcers, stomatitis, hemorrhagic gums, excess cavities, oral cavity cyanosis, gum or alveolar hypertrophy, congenital porphyria, malocclusions, etc.

Among them, Periodontitis has devastating consequences. Even in families with impeccable oral hygiene, the damage can not be avoided, sometimes even the loss of a large part of the final teeth.

People who suffer from this pathology can prevent other family members from developing it if the latter undergo adequate preventive treatments.

For this, it is essential to identify those who have a great risk before having symptoms of this pathology and if necessary, apply a previous treatment.

With the conservation of the DNA of affected relatives and their analysis now or in the future, 1) determine the genetic cause of Periodontitis in each affected family and 2) accurately identify which presymptomatic relatives are also threatened by this genetic cause and they should be treated immediately.

Families interested in preserving their genetic information for a medical application

You can be a user of the Service DNA FAMILY BOOK, even if you do not know that your family is affected by any pathology described above, but you want to be more calm about your health, also in the future when you’re gone.

Habits according to your genes

You can now adopt the habits in nutrition, sport, dermatology, etc. more appropriate to your genetics.

If you wish to consult about your specific case, you can contact us (see DNA FAMILY BOOK).

Biobanks and Centers

DNA FAMILY BOOK orders and controls both sample processing and preservation, in the following Biobanks and Centers, with which it has cooperation agreements:



Ctra. de Can Ruti, camí de les Escoles s/n

08916 Badalona (Barcelona)

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C/ Rosselló 149-153

08036 Barcelona

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C/ Espejo 2

37007 Salamanca (Spain)

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Ctra. de Canyet, s/n,

08916 Badalona (Barcelona)

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How it works

DNA FAMILY BOOK consists of the following phases:

Contracting the service

DNA FAMILY BOOK can be contracted if you are: a) the source subject of DNA and aged 18 years or older, b) a relative (or legal guardian) of the minor, incapacitated or deceased person whose DNA is to be preserved.

In the case that contracting is carried through funeral companies, insurers, or others, they can process the necessary documentation. You can see more details on how you can contract .

DNA FAMILY BOOK shall, in any case, obtain the biological sample from the source subject only when the applicant has given express written informed consent and accepted the conditions of the service.

Collection of the biological sample

Obtaining the biological sample from yourself or from a minor or disabled relative, can be performed directly by the same person authorizing the service, in a simple and painless way (see simple Obtaining the sample ). In the case of a deceased source subject, the sample is obtained by the funeral services.


DNA purification and Quality Control

The biological sample is sent, under suitable conditions, to our prestigious collaborators (Biobanks and centers) .

There, the sample is processed to obtain the genetic fraction, and then the quantity and quality of the purified DNA are checked to decide if they are satisfactory for its preservation.


DNA in the Biobank

The DNA is deposited and preserved for a period of 10 years, which can be extended, in the collaborator centers  (Biobanks and centers). The center ensures that preservation is carried on in optimal conditions for possible further analysis.


DNA at home

Part of the DNA may be subjected to special treatment and deposited inside a Capsuleensuring that DNA, while remaining at room temperature, can be analysed in the future.

This Capsule CASA can be delivered, or inside an oval device that has a noble appearance and can be engraved with a brief inscription (ref. Egg),

HUEVO-BEBE-compressor(1) HUEVO-BODA-compressor


or within an emotional frame of photos to keep the DNA together with the image of the source persons or of his family (ref Marco).


In both cases, the CASA Capsule is delivered to the user/family member for its custody in their particular home or other wished place.

Genetic counselling for the use of the DNA sample (first visit)

With the Premium EXPERT modality, during the first meeting with a genetic counsellor of renowned prestige, he/she will assess the family medical history and advice if it is appropriate to implement DNA tests in expert laboratories or centres.
For this goal, the DNA sample preserved by DNA FAMILY BOOK can be used, and the delivery can only be ordered by the person authorizing the service.


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Distribution Channels

The companies and groups interested in including DNA FAMILY BOOK in their portfolio can directly contact


How to hire

The service DNA FAMILY BOOK of DNA preservation, as a single memory or for the private medical use of the family, it is contracted simply by giving written informed consent and accepting the particular conditions of the service, all in a single document.

There are different levels of service DNA FAMILY BOOK depending on who is the Source subject from which the DNA is collected:

The different types of service are detailed in Modalities.

If you wish to consult the General Conditions of the service, click here .

If you want to consult your specific case, you can contact us,  or contact the corresponding collaborating entity or collective.


DNA FAMILY BOOK wants to reach the largest possible number of families that may need -or be users- of the service, regardless of their economic possibilities. For this, we have adjusted the rates to the minimum.


Main Services


The biological sample is collected in a completely painless way using the kit included in the premium service. This kit can also be purchased in advance (49€).

The DNA is purified from the sample with the consequent quality control. Finally, the DNA sample is deposited for preservation in the collaborating Center (also for 10 years, extendable).

Thus we can ensure that the DNA sample has verified quality to be analyzed with guarantees in subsequent genetic tests (unrelated to the service).

Premium EXPERT

To the characteristics of the Premium service, this modality adds a visit with a professional Genetic Counsellor. This professional meets with the family to evaluate their joint medical history, and based on the type of disease and genetic knowledge available to date, recommends what steps to follow with the preserved DNA: performing an analysis of it, waiting for more research and more complete genetic analysis to be set, etc.

CASA Capsule

Together with the contracting of the “Premium” or “Premium EXPERT” service, up to 4 CASA Capsules can be requested with the DNA from the same person. Each CASA Capsule, with patented technology, is delivered inside the Egg or Frame device that is stored at room temperature .


This service allows to enlarge for 10 more years, the preservation of the DNA sample corresponding to the biobank as an extension of the service Premium or Premium EXPERT that has contracted previously.

I wish to hire DNA FAMILY BOOK


General conditions

Click on the button to access the general conditions.