Preserving family DNA

Each individual’s DNA determines to a great extent how this person has been, how he/she is and even how his/her health may be. Given that a large part of the information in the DNA is shared between relatives, the availability of our family members and their medical records can help us and our descendants to know the risk of developing a pathology, maybe a frequent one in our family.

For some pathologies, the areas of DNA that should be studied to assess the risk of suffering from them are well identified. For others they are being investigated intensively and it is probable that the scientific advances will allow to identify them in the next years.

When that time comes, it may be fundamental for families to know the DNA information of the maximum number of members, especially those affected by serious hereditary diseases.

As our motto says, Genetic information is vital to your family health. Preserve it today.

The preservation of DNA by DNA FAMILY BOOK does not involve itself knowing the risk level for a particular disease.

It does allow, however, that the family has that DNA available when needed, for example if the genetic counselor consulted at the time by the family (outside the DNA FAMILY BOOK service) would recommend you to analyze the preserved DNA.

Since the family is aware of its risk, relatives whose chances of suffering from this disease are low will be reassured, and instead, relatives with moderate or high risk may perhaps receive proposals for preventive actions in time within the field of personalized medicine.


Who can we help?

Families with severe genetic diseases

DNA FAMILY BOOK  can help all people, but especially the members of families with serious diseases likely of genetic nature. Severe pathologies such as cardiovascular (myocardial infarction, stroke, etc.), neurodegenerative (Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc.), oncological (breast, prostate, colon cancer, etc.) or rare diseases are very common in our society and the likelihood
that a member of our family may suffer one of them is a priori not negligible.

And if, in addition, there are several members of the family who suffer or have suffered the same pathology, the suspicion that a hereditary factor is involved is immediate and the family can live a situation of distress.

Nowadays, genetic testing of many of these diseases is not yet conclusive enough, but due to biomedical research within a few years most probably it will be.

At that time, many of these families would like to have retained DNA information from their
deceased relatives. DNA FAMILY BOOK wants to fullfil this setback.

The following conditions1, are often hereditary and can occur in several members from one family.

Angiology and vascular surgery
Digestive system
Gynecology and obstetrics
Internal medicine

NOTE: The list of pathologies described may not be exhaustive.

Unexplained sudden death

From the group of people who die of sudden death and inexplicably at an early age (under 50 years), it is believed that up to 30% of cases have mutations in their DNA that may have been causing that death.

It is therefore likely that one of the relatives may have a high risk of suffering from it as well. What is relevant here is that genetic analyses to study sudden death are now available. Consequently, if DNA of the deceased had been preserved, as proposed DNA FAMILY BOOK, it could be immediately requested to study of the cause of the death variant in that DNA (through a genetic counselor, who may be recommended by  DNA FAMILY BOOK) and look if another family member (who has given authorization to be studied) may be exposed.

In this case, it would start as soon as possible a preventive treatment, which in the case of sudden death may be primordial, since in many cases the first symptom is already death, without having suffered previously known episodes of arrhythmias.

Families interested in conserving their genetic information for a medical application

If you not aware that your family is affected by disease described above, but want to be more relaxed about its future health, you may also be a DNA FAMILY BOOK user.

How it works

DNA FAMILY BOOK consists of the following phases:

Contracting the service

DNA FAMILY BOOK  can be contracted if you are: a) the donor DNA and aged 18 yeasrs, b) a relative (or legal guardian) of the minor, incapacitated or deceased person whose DNA is to be preserved.

In the case that contracting is carried through funeral companies, insurers, or others, they can process the necessary documentation. You can see more details on how you can contract .

DNA FAMILY BOOK shall, in any case, obtain the biological sample from the donor only when the applicant has given express written informed consent and accepted the conditions of the service.

Collection of the biological sample

Obtaining the biological sample from yourself or from a minor or disabled relative, can be performed directly by the same person authorizing the service, in a simple and painless way (see simple Obtaining the sample ). In the case of a deceased donor, the sample is obtained by the funeral services.


DNA purification and Quality Control

The biological sample is sent, under suitable conditions, to one of the collaborating centers.

There, the sample is processed to obtain the genetic fraction, and then the quantity and quality of the purified DNA are checked to decide if they are satisfactory for its conservation.


Preservation of DNA or original biological samples

Once the above point has been confirmed, the purified DNA sample or the original biological sample (if you have contracted only this one) are stored and preserved for a period of 10 years, renewable, in the installations of the collaborating center. This center guarantees that conservation is carried out in optimum conditions for any subsequent analysis to DNA FAMILY BOOK.


DNA preservation in your home

In case the DNA is purified from the biological sample, part of this DNA can be subjected to a special treatment and deposited inside a Device that guarantees that the DNA can be analyzed in the future, even if kept at room temperature.

This Device called CASA, which is delivered to the user/family to be stored in their private home or in the place they wish, presents a noble appearance and can be engraved with a brief inscription.



Use of the DNA sample (optional and out of service DNA FAMILY BOOK)

At the request of the contracting person or if deemed appropriate from the service, DNA FAMILY BOOK can put you in touch with a genetic counselor of reknowned prestige. If you are interested in receiving his/her advise, the counselor will assess the family medical history and advice if it is appropriateto implement DNA tests in expert laboratories or centers.

For this goal, the DNA sample stored by DNA FAMILY BOOK under the conditions mentioned above can be used, the delivery of which can only be ordered by the person authorizing the service.





DNA FAMILY BOOK has a collaboration agreement signed with the following Biobank and Centers, commited with the processing and preservation of the biological and DNA samples.


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How to hire

The DNA FAMILY BOOK is contracted simply by giving express written informed consent and accepting the particular conditions of service, all in a single document.

There are various levels of service DNA FAMILY BOOK  depending on who is the subject Source:

The different operating modality are detailed in Modalities.

If you want to discuss your personal case, contact us (see FAMILY BOOK DNA), or with the corresponding collaborating provider.

If you want to directly hire the service, click wish to hire DNA FAMILY BOOK.


DNA FAMILY BOOK want to reach the largest number of families who may need the service –or be user of it-, regardless of their means. To do this, we have created several levels with different service modalities as described in the following table.


Main Services

Basic Service

The biological sample is collected and deposited for preservation (for 10 years, extendable) directly without having previously purified the DNA.

It is the most economical modality, but carries a greater risk since the DNA of the original sample is not isolated and therefore it is not so sure to guarantee its quality.

Premium Service

The biological sample is collected, the DNA is purified from the sample, with consequent quality control of the sample. Finally, the DNA sample is deposited for preservation in the collaborating Center (also for 10 years, extendable).

This is the method we recommend, and we can ensure that the DNA sample has verified quality to be analyzed with guarantees in subsequent genetic testing (outside the service).


Premium CASA Service

The biological sample is collected, the DNA is purified from the sample, with consequent quality control of the sample. Finally, the DNA sample is deposited for preservation at the collaborating Center (also for 10 years, extendable) and the other part of the DNA is treated in a special way and delivered inside the CASA Device to the user for storage wherever he/she wishes (at home, etc.) without losing their properties in order to be analyzed in the future.


Additional CASA device

If the “Premium CASA” product has been contracted, up to 3 additional CASA Devices can be ordered with the DNA coming from the same person.

Complementary services

Advanced Service

From the biological sample preserved with the Basic Service, at the time during its conservation when the user requests it, the DNA may be purified and its quality controlled. The combination of Basic and Advanced services is equivalent to the Premium service.


This service allows to enlarge for 10 years more the preservation of the biological or DNA sample corresponding to the Basic, Premium or Premium CASA service previously contracted.

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