The newspaper ‘La Vanguardia’ publishes today, Wednesday February 20, an interview about DNA FAMILY BOOK made to our general director, Dr. Marta Tomás, in its supplement dedicated to the biotechnology sector in Catalonia. Also available in ‘El Economista’, contributes to giving visibility to our work in the field of DNA preservation , for the possible prevention of hereditary diseases in the future.

Under a title that describes our raison d’être, the interview gathers the history and other characteristic aspects of DNA FAMILY BOOK. Did you know that the idea of creating our company was born in a hospital in Italy? It was there that Dr. Tomas detected that the DNA of patients’ relatives was not preserved, even though they had also suffered arrhythmias or sudden death. As a result of this observation, DNA FAMILY BOOK emerged in 2015, and since then, more than a hundred families have turned to us to preserve their DNA.

The interview also answers questions such as why we recommend preserving DNA and in which types of diseases it may be useful to preserve it. Dr. Tomás reminds us that, as several studies show, 56% of the Spanish population carries mutations related to hereditary diseases.

In addition, it highlights how our DNA sampling service works and how we carry out its conservation through approved biobanks that are part of the National Biobank Network of the Carlos III Health Institute.

If you want to get to know us a little better, don’t miss this interview!

DNA FAMILY BOOK en La Vanguardia

Dr. Marta Tomás, general director of DNA FAMILY BOOK, interviewed in the biotechnology supplement of La Vanguardia.