The RACC magazine, aimed at RACC members, echoes our project, DNA FAMILY BOOK, in its March issue. Our general director, Dr. Marta Tomás, is the protagonist of an article in which she explains how the need to create DNA FAMILY BOOK and our genetic counselling and DNA conservation service arose.

Without forgetting the most important thing: the objective of preserving part of our genes. As this news highlights, we offer the possibility of preserving DNA to people who want to, so that they can have the necessary information to prevent diseases in family members: hereditary cancer, some types of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s…

Because probably, in the medium term, new treatments will be discovered and, at that time, DNA samples will be essential to know if any member of the family can benefit from them.

To conclude, Dr. Tomás explains her next challenge: to make known the great value of DNA for family health. You can read the full story here.

We remind you that as a member of RACC, you can benefit from a 20% discount on our DNA conservation service in safe biobanks. Preserving a sample today can be key to preventing hereditary diseases in the not too distant future.

DNA FAMILY BOOK en la revista RACC